Interland MAA d.o.o.

Interland is a society based on the cooperation of 3 specialised companies, and in total it has more than 50 employees.

Our specialised employees offer you custom operations, storage on each location, expedition of goods, combined transports to the Eastern european countries and Turkey, exceptional transports and distribution of goods.

Interland - sure you'll be satisfied!

Terminal Sežana

Partizanska c. 107

SI - 6210 Sežana

T: +386 (0) 599 59178

T: +386 (0) 599 59182
F: +386 (0) 5 734 40 07

M: +386 (0) 40 168 320

Sežana, Obrežje: Export/import, all kinds of custom operations, logistic services, carriages, transhipments, storage, pickings, custom warehouse, distribution, etc

Prosecco: storage, logistic services, pickings, export/import, custom warehouse, distribution, etc
Trieste -Harbour: All kinds of custom operations, logistic services, carriages, transshipments, storage, etc
Fernetti: custom operations, fiscal deposit, local clearance procedure, etc


We carry out all kinds of custom operations (export, import, transits) and issuing of TIR KARNET. We can also represent you by the custom authorities through our warranty. We offer you complete assistance for all kinds of custom operations.


In our warehouses you'll have the possibility of loadings, unloadings and transshipments, mechanized or manual, as per exigences, as well as the possibility of storage in custom warehouses.


We offer you assistance by carriages and also organise national and communitarian carriages in the transport of large and small consignments, as well as carriages to the Balkans, Turkey and Eastern Europe for each kind and quantity of goods. We organize container trans-portations from the Far East - maritime transport.

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